Tree Services in Regina & Moose Jaw

Tree Removal

If you are thinking about having a tree removed, you should contact V and J Expert Tree Services for assistance in the decision-making process. We have over 14 years (3 generations) of tree removal experience in Regina & Moose Jaw. Only those whom are correctly trained...
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Tree Trimming

Looking for a professional tree company in Regina or Moose Jaw to take care of your tree pruning or tree trimming needs? Look no further than V and J Expert Tree Services. The very best time to trim and prune many shrubs and trees is in late winter season and early spring before they...
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Tree Bracing

Trees growing in woody areas are typically not a hazardous. Trees that are close to homes or other buildings, however, often require extra support and preservation measures to keep them structurally sound and safe for the people and buildings nearby. If branches or tree trunks need...
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Stump Removal

Depending upon the size of the stump, digging it out can take anywhere from a day or more to well over a week and make quite a mess. Trying to by hand dig a stump out can result in a wasted weekend, a sore back and a damaged chainsaw. Digging or taking out a stump utilizing larger digging machines...
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