Tree Removal

If you are thinking about having a tree removed, you should contact V and J Expert Tree Services for assistance in the decision-making process. We have over 14 years (3 generations) of tree removal experience in Regina & Moose Jaw.


Only those whom are correctly trained in safety issues and procedures for reducing or getting rid of potential for damage should get rid of trees. Liability is likewise a problem and, in many cases, a written contract specifying penalties for damage to landscape and facilities is suggested.


Tree elimination can be extremely dangerous work and should only be done by specialists. Whether utilizing a crane, pail truck or climber, our crews will always use the most safe and most productive method to remove your tree.


Although we view live-tree removal is a last option, there are particular circumstances when it is needed. Our educated and experienced crew can help you come to a resolution for unwanted foliage. We can help you choose whether or not a tree needs to be eliminated in the first place.


Whether a simple, straightforward tree removal or complex tree elimination requiring ropes and rigging equipment, the Monkey Tree Services team are highly skilled and expertly equipped to eliminate your trees effectively, efficiently and securely. Our extremely seasoned arborists are trained to handle any tree elimination in any area and to guarantee no damage is done to your house.


In some cases, tree removal is the very best option. Specifically, if a tree has died.