Stump Removal

Depending upon the size of the stump, digging it out can take anywhere from a day or more to well over a week and make quite a mess.


Trying to by hand dig a stump out can result in a wasted weekend, a sore back and a damaged chainsaw. Digging or taking out a stump utilizing larger digging machines (e.g. backhoe) can be risky and might cause significant damage to nearby plant and tree root systems, underground utilities or perhaps neighboring structures (e.g. foundations, keeping walls, pathways and driveways).


If successful in drawing out the whole stump you will be left with a large hole to fill, extra devices expenses (e.g. backhoe, dispose truck), and the trouble of discovering a dump center that will allow a whole stump.


Using chemicals to rot out a stump is incredibly time consuming and hazardous to the environment.


Attempting to burn out the stump typically leads to a charcoal mess leaving the majority of the stump undamaged.


Stump grinding is the most safe, most efficient and efficient approach for the elimination of those undesirable stumps!


Following the safe removal of your tree(s) V and J Expert Tree Services Regina & Moose Jaw stump removers can provide stump grinding services that are capable of accessing both little and large sites. We will remove all the hassle stump that had you stumped, and remove it quickly, cleanly and effectively.